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Experience. I have over 30 years experience pursuing justice on behalf of employees - fighting institutions who engage in illegal employment practices. I have represented everyone from high-level corporate executives to administrative support staff and blue-collar workers, delivering strategic and intelligent solutions for employees faced with employment contract issues and/or seemingly overwhelming challenges in the workplace. I take the pressure off of you.

My law firm is dedicated to providing employees with innovative strategies, tenacious representation, and practical advice. Because I have represented both individuals and businesses, I know from experience what motivates both employees and employers in employment disputes. This dual perspective shapes not just my litigation strategies, but also my approach to resolving disputes for the utmost benefit of my clients.

Can my boss really treat me like this and get away with it? Do I have to accept the way I have been treated? Employers frequently believe they have all the power - but they do not; instead individuals have certain inherent tactical advantages and rights, and employers have particular vulnerability areas and pressure points, that I know how to properly address for maximum effectiveness. I level the playing field in a practical cost-effective manner.

What can I do if my employer is retaliating against me? Employers may think they can get away with it - but that is their mistake. Retaliation claims are frequently even more powerful and effective than discrimination claims. I know innovative and time-tested strategies that have repeatedly proven successful, and that will help protect you and put you in a position of strength, not weakness, to the employer’s great surprise.

I represent current, as well as former, employees. If you are a current employee sometimes all that is needed is a single consultation with me to advise you of your rights and options: toward providing you with a winning strategy going forward so that your rights and your employment/career are best protected. Other times more involvement by me is needed - which I readily provide - either through ongoing advice to you behind the scenes, by stepping to the forefront to directly deal with your Employer (by telephone or by letter), or by commencing litigation (administrative/court proceedings). If you are a former employee, different factors frequently are in play, and I am very quick to realize and advise whether or not it makes sense to: pursue pre-litigation severance/settlement; go forward with litigation; and/or go in a different direction - and to strategize with you how we can best do that.

Don’t know where to turn? I can help. I work to aggressively protect the rights and careers of my clients. I provide practical advice and pursue litigation and other strategies on your behalf to protect you, obtain remedies for your damages, and assist you in achieving your goals.

For some individuals, and their employment situations, state/federal litigation is the right way to go - and I am ready, willing, and able to press forward in that direction. Other times there are other options that make more sense to explore instead/ first, such as behind-the-scenes advice (employers get advice from their attorneys; why shouldn’t you?), direct verbal and written communications with the employer, employment contract negotiation, executive compensation, severance agreement negotiation, mediation, pursuing EEOC charges, etc.

Call me to briefly discuss if it makes sense for you to come in for an appointment to my Chicago Loop office to discuss your employment situation.

Note that although my preference is to meet with you in person, as a convenience for individuals who are unable to get to my office (due to distance, work schedule, disability, or other reasons), you can call me to alternatively arrange to have a telephone consultation where - after briefly speaking with me - you would then send me relevant documents by scanned e-mail/fax, and then we would have a formal and detailed consultation by telephone.

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