Answer the Judge's (and the Employer's) questions directly during the hearing

  • One of the best ways to anger the judge is to not answer the judge's questions directly. Not answering questions directly can very well be seen as being evasive and not truthful, and also can be seen as not being cooperative - all of which would be bad for you.
  • Conversely, answering the judge's questions directly may very well result in the judge viewing you as someone who is not evasive, is cooperative and a straight shooter, and as someone who is truthful.
  • If the judge asks you a yes or no question then, if you are able to answer it that way, directly start your answer by saying yes/ no answer. Sometimes from there you can give a more detailed answer, but you need to pick your spots.
  • Likewise, if the Employer/ Employer's representative asks you a question, you should answer directly if you are able.
  • During the hearing the judge should, and usually will, give you an opportunity to more fully explain.
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