Be in a quiet spot for the hearing, have a phone that gets good reception - and talk in a volume that enables the Judge to clearly hear you (don't whisper/ don't yell)

  • The overwhelming majority of unemployment hearings (over 95% in Illinois) are by telephone.
  • If you have a baby or noisy children consider having someone take the baby/children out of your residence for the hearing so that you won't get interrupted/ distracted, and so that the focus will be on the testimony not on the background sound.
  • Many cell-phones get good reception, but some do not. If you have a choice between a cell-phone that gets poor reception and a land-line then go with the land-line.
  • It does you no good (and can harm your cause) if your call gets dropped during the hearing, or if bad reception of your cell-phone interferes with you understanding what is being said during the hearing or interferes with the judge hearing your testimony.
  • Speaking very quietly or very loudly, as well as changing the volume of how loud you are talking is an indication that you are not telling the truth - so don't do it.
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