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Before the hearing write out for yourself the key points (5-10) that you want to get across during the hearing - and have a note pad to use during the hearing

  • Writing out key points that you want to get across during the hearing will help to keep you organized and on-point.
  • That said, during the hearing you may very well want to address most/ all of your key points, but warning: only do so to the extent that it makes sense in the contest of the hearing. In other words, use common sense.
  • To a big degree in this regards you need to go with the flow of the hearing, and so your desire to get across certain points during the hearing is not something that can be rigidly or inflexibly applied - as while you want to appear organized, you certainly do not want to appear as being someone who is rigid or inflexible, which could incorrectly be viewed by the judge as that you were likewise difficult during your employment and that you indeed committed the misconduct alleged by the Employer.
  • The importance of having a notepad (or blank paper) is that during the hearing things will be said that you may not then be able to immediately respond to (such as if the Employer/ Employer's witnesses are testifying), and so writing down the point(s) that you want to respond to/ address will keep you organized and help you remember the point(s) for when it is your turn to speak.
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Client Reviews
"I found David Porter's representation of me to be both professional and compassionate. He did a solid job of explaining my legal options and provided me with real world examples of how labor/employment law works. His support and advocacy helped me to get through a very difficult time in my professional life. I would without hesitation highly recommend him to a friend in need of a seasoned practitioner." Jack
"I can't thank you enough for dealing with the bureaucracy of the Indiana and Illinois unemployment offices. Their response to my individual communications seemed to be the default answer of "No". With your help and persistence you were able to cut through the red tape and win my Trade Adjustment Assistance, allowing me to pursue my Master's of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. It is a good feeling to know I can call on such a great resource in trying times." Marc
"After finding myself in a terrible position with a former employer to whom my fate was at their mercy, David Porter stepped in and negotiated a settlement plan that not only kept me out of court, but also prevented any negative references or information being leaked out to possibly hinder my future growth as a professional." Mike