Do not interrupt the testimony of other people - even if they are outrageously lying - and absolutely do not laugh during the hearing

  • If you hear the Employer or their witness giving outrageously false testimony do not - I repeat do not - interrupt that testimony by saying something such as "that's a lie".
  • If you interrupt their testimony by calling out that they are lying, then it is very likely that the judge will turn on you for speaking out of turn, and it is also likely that any significance of the Employer having lied (even if it can be proven) will be lost.
  • As to laughing, if you laugh during the hearing the judge may very well view your laughter as being an indication either that you are not taking the hearing seriously or that you are not telling the truth: neither of which impressions are good for you.
  • Remember the phrase "You laugh, you lose" - and don't do laugh during the hearing.
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