Federal Court & EEOC/ IDHR Proceedings

I have many years experience litigating employment discrimination/ retaliation claims in federal court as well as handling EEOC/ IDHR matters.

It is important that you have an attorney who understands the laws, understands how to evaluate the strength of your claims, and be organized and thorough and know how to properly address and handle your litigation, as well as be someone who when you have a question you can call and actually speak with rather than being relegated to speaking with an associate attorney, a paralegal, or a secretary.

It is also important that your attorney have a strong and committed interest in handling employment matters on behalf of employees - which I do.

I take direct responsibility for my cases and can be reached simply by dialing my phone number.

Call me to briefly discuss if it makes sense for you to come in for an appointment to my Chicago loop office to further discuss your employment situation.

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