Sex Discrimination

Every day abusive employers, as well as seemingly benign employers, take undue advantage of their positions and make stereotypical and erroneous assumptions about the abilities and performance of their employees based on the sex of their employees. Fortunately there are laws that have been enacted (e.g. – Title VII and the Equal pay Act) to protect employees from such abuses.

An employer may not terminate an employee, or take other material adverse actions against an employee, because of the employee’s sex.

An employer also may not discriminate against an employee as a result of pregnancy, childbirth and related conditions.

It is illegal to subject an employee to a sexually hostile work environment, and it is also illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for opposing employment practice that he/ she in good faith believes are discriminatory on the basis of sex/ sexually harassing?

  • Have you been passed over for promotions in favor of lesser-qualified males?
  • Do you believe your sex was taken into account in the decision to terminate your employment?
  • Do you believe that your employer negatively took into account your pregnancy in the terms and conditions, or the termination, of your employment?
  • Have you been subjected to unwanted sexual attention even after requesting that it stop?
  • Have you been retaliated against after you complained of sex discrimination/ unwanted sexual attention/ offensive comments in the workplace?
  • Do you want to know how to most effectively (and most safely for your continued employment) go about complaining about sex discrimination/ sexual harassment?

If you believe that you may have been subjected to discrimination/ harassment due to your sex, or if you are concerned that you may in the future be subjected to sex discrimination/ harassment, then call me to briefly discuss if it makes sense for you to come in for an appointment to my Chicago loop office to further discuss your employment situation.

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