Well before the hearing, and as soon as you can, write out key events that will be relevant to the issues in the hearing

  • Your memory of events is better today than it will be in a couple of weeks or in a month or two when the hearing takes place.
  • So writing out key events now - as to what happened and what was said - (and subsequently reviewing several times what you have written down in preparation for the hearing) will enhance your ability to testify with specificity and with confidence as to what occurred and what was said - which will make you look better in the eyes of the judge.
  • Key events to write out frequently include: the incident(s) that the Employer is claiming constituted misconduct by you; subsequent meetings/discussions you had with your supervisors/mangers regarding the incident(s); and the termination meeting.
  • A side benefit of writing out key events is that you will not have to keep replaying these events in your head to remember them (because you have written them down), which will then serve to have you be more relaxed (which is better for you during the hearing as well as otherwise).
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