Write a Chronology of Relevant Incidents / Statements

Many individuals find that it is helpful to write down things - it helps people organize their thoughts and helps to remember things (also, from a health standpoint, once you have written it down you may very well no longer feel the need to keep replaying a scenario in your head toward attempting to remember something, which should then help put you more at ease).

I am strong proponent of having my clients write things down - both with regard to positive arguments (accomplishments) and negative arguments (potential legal claims, such as discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, etc.).

With regard to negative arguments, some things that you may want to write out in detail may include:

  • A chronology of relevant incidents that happened during your employment, and in the termination of your employment;
  • Incidents where similarly situated other employees were treated more favorably than you (where you were treated in a materially adverse manner as compared to similarly situated employees)

The key here is to understand what you are trying to prove/ show: what is the purpose behind what you are attempting to remember/ show to others? What is the best way to show this?

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